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The firm's principals are Steven and Theresa Weil, a husband and wife team.

Steven Weil, has a PhD in Finance and is an Enrolled Agent (EA). He has a strong background in business operations, marketing, and consulting to assist clients in expanding their profitability.

Theresa Weil, has a PhD in Finance and is also an Enrolled Agent. She oversees the accounting and administrative functions of the firm while using her background in banking to assist clients in obtaining financing.

Bookkeeping Service Estimate

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Cost of your Bookkeeper

Actual Cost
Typical Cost
Bookkeepers Hourly Rate $15/hour
Hours per week the Bookkeeper works 40/week
Health Insurance costs for Bookkeeper $350/month
Weeks of Paid Vacation per year 2 weeks/year
Payroll Taxes and Workers Comp 15%
Overhead 20%
Retirement/ 401k Benifets 2%


Cost of your time to manage your Bookkeeper

Actual Cost
Typical Cost
Hours per week you spend with the bookkeeper 3/week
Value of your time $100/hour
Hiring and Training costs 10 hours/year
CPA Fees to Review and Fix mistakes $200/month


Monthly Salary
Health Insurance
Retirement/401k Benefits
Payroll Taxes and Workers Compensation
Total Monthly Bookkeeping Costs
Your Time to Manage Bookkeeper
Hiring and ongoing Training
CPA Fees to Review and Fix Mistakes
Total Monthly Cost of Owner
Current Monthly Costs:
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