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About Bookkeepers Now Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Bookkeepers Now was founded in 1984 to help business owners like you receive the benefits of a full-time bookkeeper, without the full-time expense and hassle of the revolving bookkeeper door. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our services so that they fit the needs of each of our clients.

You will not be our only client, but we will work hard to make you feel like you are.

Our 8,000 square foot facility is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Every account is managed by a team of two bookkeepers who are supervised by a bookkeeping supervisor. These teams are supervised by accountants. You will get the benefits of a professional full-time accounting department while paying only for the services you require, often for less than the cost of a part-time bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers Now employees are here to manage all of your bookkeeping needs; including keeping track of the balance in your checking account, paying your bills, producing your payroll checks, invoicing your customers, collecting your accounts receivable, tracking job or case costs, completing sales & other tax reports, and providing complete monthly financial statements.

At Bookkeepers Now we pride ourselves on our full-service philosophy. We are not just your key-punchers; we are your complete accounting department. We are a full-service company, which includes everything from keeping the books to taking calls from vendors. It’s our job to help you concentrate on growing your business while we get you the information you need to increase your profits and minimize your taxes.

You will also receive all the benefits of our 22nd century technology, which gives you access to your accounting records and other information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our system gives you easy access over the internet to all of your invoices, bills, checks, and other financial information. No more filing and storing old records,simply go to your secure internet portal to view all of your records whenever you need them. Or you can call or email the Bookkeepers Now team and ask for what you need. We can fax or email your information right away. Many of our clients find their savings in filing and storage costs alone offset a large part of our fees.

If you need access to your accounting software, we can provide real time access over the internet, so you can print reports, post invoices or process estimates. We maintain your accounting software, including all software licensing and support, while you and your staff can access the information you need whenever you may need it. Bookkeepers Now also handles all of your data back-up, keeping your documents safe and secure.

At Bookkeepers Now, we are committed to providing your business with the proper financial tools to be successful. We are a full-service solution with professionals overseeing all aspects of your company’s financial needs.

Experience the best that outsourcing has to offer, call us today at 1-800-382-1040 to set up a free consultation with one of our experts.

Meet The Principals

The firm’s principals are Steven and Theresa Weil, a husband and wife team.



Steven Weil, has a PhD in Finance and is an Enrolled Agent (EA). He has a strong background in business operations, marketing, and consulting to assist clients in expanding their profitability.



Theresa Weil, has a PhD in Finance and is also an Enrolled Agent. She oversees the accounting and administrative functions of the firm while using her background in banking to assist clients in obtaining financing.


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