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How We Do It

We create a customized bookkeeping program just for you. This program includes all of the bookkeeping and administrative services you require along with many administrative services. We use the latest technology along with a trained professional staff of bookkeepers, supervisors and accountants to see that you and your business get not only fast, accurate, complete bookkeeping and financial information, but that you also get the kind of personal services that makes us unique. Have a question/need help? Simply call us and you will get a member of your bookkeeping team on the phone that will assist you.

It all starts with you sending us your your invoices, bills, and other source documents.How you get these documents depends on the method that suits you best; upload to our portal, mail, fax, email, scan, Federal Express, we know that no one method works best for all clients all the time, so you pick the method that works best for you.

Our bookkeepers review the information we receive from you and enter it into our accounting system, carefully coding items to the proper class in your chart of accounts. They make sure that duplicate items and charges are not posted and that everything is in order. Based on a schedule you set-up, your bookkeeping staff print and mail customer bills and statements, prepare your payroll, as well as print checks for your accounts payables and forward them to you for signature and mailing.

When you have questions you can go to our secure web portal and see copies of all your paid bills, checks, payroll, customer invoices, customer statements, bank statements and financial statements. You also have online access to your accounting information and can access our systems to print reports, review information and to get a picture of where your business profits or cash flow is at anytime. Better yet you can call your bookkeeping staff and they will gladly find the answer to any questions you have and email copies of any information we have processed on your behalf.

Each month (or period) we will reconcile your bank accounts, make sure your credit card receipts and charges are correct and make any other entries your books require. Then we will produce complete financial statements for your business along with a set of notes pointing out areas that we feel may be problems in your business or that may help to reduce your taxes or increase your profits.

We keep all you data on a secure server which is backed up every 4 hours and sent to our off site data vault. Best of all there is no software to buy or learn and someone from your team will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

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